Is Electric Play safe?

Electric Play is safe as long as a few guidelines are understood and followed -

1. Keep all connections below the waist. Never run current through the heart area or above the shoulders.

2. Go slowly... experiment with a few new toys at first, at lower intensities.

3. Limit initial sessions to less than 30 minutes. Longer or more intense sessions can produce a harmless but sometimes undesirable "lingering tingling" sensation that can last as long as 24 hours. Just (try to) go slowly, especially when incorporating new electrodes into your setup.

 4. Electric Play is not advised for anyone with a heart condition, heart disease, epilepsy, a history of strokes or seizures, implanted electronic devices (i.e. pacemakers, defibrillators, drug pumps, etc.) or similar medical conditions and not for use by pregnant women or women who might be pregnant.

Is it safe to use electric play above the waist such as on the nipples?

The general guideline is "Not Above The Waist". It is dangerous to use a single electrode on each nipple as this runs the current across the chest and through the heart area. There are special electrodes designed for use on the nipples that have two contacts for each nipple. These electrodes keep the current confined to the area right around the nipple. Many people use these dual electrodes without any problems.

Will your toys work with my 'box'?

Yes, our toys have been tested with and  will work with all boxes and TENS machines.

My box only has 2mm connectors and some of your toys have 4mm connectors, how can I use them.

We have adaptors available  here  that will enable you to use your leads with our products if needed.

What is Unipole and Bi-Pole?

Unipole device has only one point of connection and needs another point of contact to complete the circuit. A pad is usually used to achieve this but another unipole device can also be used to the same effect.

Bi-pole device enables you to plug both leads into one product so as to create a circuit within the toy itself. As with the double pinwheel, the current will be passed between the two wheels.

Do I have to use the conductive gel?

We always recommend using the gel when using any electrical toy, it heightens the effect and allows for better conductivity. Our products, can and have been used without gel resulting in different intensities and sensations. Experiment :-)